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Our Team

Our team has decades of collective experience in areas as diverse as engineering, machine learning, economics, theoretical physics, mathematics, and management.

Matt Hudson's Headshot
CEO / Co-founder Matt Hudson
Nick Curry's Headshot
CFO Nick Curry
Christian's Headshot
CTO Christian Steinruecken
Ali Ashtari's Headshot
R&D Ali Ashtari
Cozmin Ududec's Headshot
and Co-founder
Cozmin Ududec
Mike de Denus' Headshot
Electricity Markets Lead Mike de Denus
David Duvenaud's Headshot
Chief Scientist / Co-founder David Duvenaud
Shane Yanke's Headshot
Senior Researcher Shane Yanke
Aron Hofer's Headshot
Researcher Aron Hofer
James Requiema's Headshot
Senior Researcher James Requeima
Nick Theissen's Headshot
Researcher Nick Theissen
Eric Davies' Headshot
Researcher Eric Davies
Evan Haldane's Headshot
Senior Data Scientist Evan Haldane
Gem Newman's Headshot
Development Lead Gem Newman
Curtis Vogt's Headshot
Senior Developer Curtis Vogt
Brendan Curran-Johnson's Headshot
Developer Brendan Curran-Johnson
Dustin Hildebrandt's Headshot
Developer Dustin Hildebrandt
Rory Finnegan's Headshot
Developer Rory Finnegan

Energy Intelligence System

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What We Do

  • The Energy Intelligence System

    Invenia's EIS is a cloud-based machine learning platform that uses big, high frequency data to solve complex problems in real time. We use this technology to assist utilities with managing and optimizing their operations.

  • Complex decisions

    Electric utilities are currently facing many new challenges, including the intermittency of wind and solar power, huge volumes of smart grid data, and demand response which has added significant complexity and increased the tempo of operational decision making. At the same time, electricity market deregulation has had similar effects on power trading desks due to the shift to nodal pricing of power.

  • Intelligent solutions

    Invenia uses its intelligence system to link forecasting, pattern recognition, and optimization together with a model of the decision-making process specific to each user. This results in a decision recommendation, which is the best answer to the problem that the user is trying to solve at any given time. The process involves understanding the problem from generation through transmission and finally to marketing. This simplifies operational decision making, while making use of smart grid data, and becoming more efficient as the frequency of decisions increases.


We are incredibly interested in meeting amazing people. From research collaborations to joining the team, we have some very interesting data sets, and some very hard problems to solve. If you’re interested in what we’re doing, might want to work on some something with us, or are just looking for awesome data, shoot us an email at and let’s see what happens.



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